The Bleeding Edge & Human Harvest 3-disc set

Each set includes 

(1) DVD of Human Harvest

(1) DVD of The Bleeding Edge and

(1) Blu-ray disc of The Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge includes English and Chinese subtitles

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About The Bleeding Edge: The Bleeding Edge takes place during the onset of internet censorship and surveillance in communist China, when western tech companies created software to monitor the activities of Chinese citizens. The fate of a young mother, imprisoned in a labour camp for her spiritual beliefs, reveals the project had a far more sinister motive. This film exposes the chilling truth about how the surveillance system in China continues to terrorize and silence a nation.
Directed by Peabody Award-winner Leon Lee
90 mins. 
The film stars Chinese-born Canadian actress Anastasia Lin, winner of Miss World Canada 2015. Ms. Lin, an outspoken campaigner for human rights in China, was banned from competing in the Miss World final in Sanya, China in 2015 and denied entry to the country because of her activism. Ms. Lin will be competing again in the upcoming 2016 Miss World pageant in Washington DC, where she hopes to claim the crown she was denied in 2015.
In the film, Ms. Lin portrays a Falun Gong practitioner who is imprisoned for her spiritual beliefs and suffers human rights atrocities in a Chinese labour camp. Ms. Lin received a 2016 Leo Award for Best Actress for her powerful performance in The Bleeding Edge, which was also the recipient of the coveted 2016 Gabriel Award for Best Film. Ms. Lin also received the Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award for ‘Best Overall Performance’. 
About Human Harvest: In this Peabody Award-winning film, Nobel Peace Prize nominees David Matas and David Kilgour investigate one of the world’s most chilling mysteries and worst crimes against humanity, China's illegal organ trade. Their findings will shock you.
Directed by Leon Lee
52 mins.
Awards for Human Harvest:
Human Harvest was awarded the 74th Annual Peabody Award, AIB's Best International Investigative Documentary Award 2015, FRONTLINE Michael Sullivan Award for Journalism in a Documentary Film 2015, and the International Academic Forum Documentary Prize 2016.
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